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Sailor Moon Beauty Change Rod / Henshin Transformation Wand

Lights and sounds work, has all parts, front is light faded.

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Something that’s been bugging me about Sailor Moon for a while and even more so now that Crystal is out. I admit i havent seen every little thing, and sadly most of it was from the dic english dub, but I never hear anybody talk about it either. Perhaps someone can explain it?

Sailor Moon is the…

This isn’t explicitly explained, however…

Head Canon:
Usagi was never meant to be a fighter and Luna messed up by awakening her as a Sailor Guardian. This is why when she becomes the Queen she gives up the ability to fight.

Alternative Head Canon:
Usagi was never meant to be a Sailor Guardian, but now that she has awakened as one, it’s proven invaluable, so the line of Silver Millennium Princesses will now always fight for themselves, too.


I FINALLY have this complete set of plushies! I’m so proud!


Enjoy. :)

I'm sorry to bother you, but how do you do you're amazing plushies? Maybe you can make a tutorial. But that is if you want, sorry for asking to much sempai!

Hi Anon!! Thank you! ♥ I have a few patterns and tutorials on my DA here. I hope they are helpful! My methods are a little different now so feel free to ask any specific questions you may have. :D

Also, when I sew I usually will be on my web camera on LiveStream. You can always come hang out and watch me work, even if you are lurking and not chatting you might pick up a few things. Always open to people asking questions there, too!

I post on Twitter and Facebook every time I stream so if you follow me in either of those places you will know about the streams when they happen. For Facebook, be sure to turn on notifications!

Sailor Moon Crystal - Manga Previews from Act 3 

Here’s some important scenes from Act 3 of the manga. What will make it into the Sailor Moon Crystal cut?! :D Scans from Miss Dream.

1.This is the Sendai 6 o’clock bus story! With that handsome Jedite as the bus driver.

2. In the manga, we see Nephrite and Zoicite in this act. We’ve already seen in the preview that Zoicite will at least appear.

3. The communicator watches appear in this act. Will they be watches, phones (like the live action), or some other kind of device?

4. I’m hoping to see Usagi’s girl crush lovey faces at pretty Rei!

5. Phobos and Deimos, Rei’s special crows, make their appearance in this act.

6. This interaction with Mamoru on the bus is cute. She finds out his name and grade in this scene, and they have awkward ‘you look sorta like that magical person…’ feels. THE PLOT THICKENS.

7. Jedite thinks Rei is pretty :3


8. And of course, Sailor Mars finally appears in this act!! We’ve been spoiled a bit by the preview of her transformation, so I’m looking forward to seeing it all and seeing her attack!

9. Will Jedite make it through this episode as Crystal takes on its own direction? Or will Mars be the end of him? I guess we will find out!

Sailor Mercury Plush by sakkysa
where did you get the star lockets

Hi Anon, could you be more specific? The Star Locket I have in my collection was purchased from eBay a few years ago. In general, they are available on Yahoo Japan, eBay and if you’re lucky - a private sale. Most of them run between $400-800.